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One of the key recommendations of the World Health Organization is regular hand washing and disinfection.

In the shop, in transport, at work you can disinfect your hands with a bottle of antiseptic, but it is not always possible to get it out of your pocket or bag quickly. And there is always a risk that viruses will remain on the vial or the clothes that store the vial. As for the stationary hand sanitizer dispenser - they are not installed everywhere and you need to look for them.

Our hand sanitizer dispenser is designed to disinfect hands as quickly and conveniently as possible, so that a person can disinfect their hands after each touch of potentially virus-contaminated surfaces, thus reducing the chances of virus transfer and infection.

The latest version of the disinfector is available on our website, you can read about previous versions at instructables.com

In the new version 1.1 we changed the location and volume of the container with antiseptic, as well as changed the design of the clamp, using instead of aluminum clamp, a plastic insert in the bracelet made on a 3d printer. 


 Instruction ver. 1.1:

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We're going to need materials:

Binder clip, size - 19mm(0.75 inch) 1pc. and binder clip, size - 32mm(1.25 inches) 1pc.


Silicone thick-walled tube


Xiaomi mi band 2 Strap Belt Silicone(In this case FitMaster2)


Bracelet insert printed on a 3d printer (3d model download)


Silicone Air Tubing for Aquarium, length 1 meter, diameter (internal 4mm./ external 6mm.)


2 Connectors, connect standard Air Tubing for Aquarium


Antiseptic tank - empty Doy-pack packaging


Several important parameters of the Doy-pack you are using: 

- Doy-pack volume in the area of 0.5 liters (in the range of 0.3 - 0.6 liters).

- lateral arrangement of pour spouts (to reduce tube bend)

- Quality spouts (without turning the cap after closing), spouts can be of several types (sizes), it is worth choosing with an internal diameter of 10mm or more.

- Due to the aggressiveness of alcohols, it is desirable to use Doy-pack for household chemistry, in which chemically active products are packaged: shampoo, soap, washing powder, etc. As a rule, their inner layer in contact with the filler is made of high density polyethylene, which guarantees the resistance of packaging to alcohol (in the disinfectant solution).

Shoulder belt with two snap hook.


We're gonna need some tools:

3d printer

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Electric Engraver




Metal Drill Bit 5.5mm


Knife, pliers, needle file, protective eyewear.

Assembly of the tank:

We're rounding up the sharp corners of the Doy-pack. With the help of a puncher, drill or soldering iron we make two holes in the bottom part of the pack (in the area of soldered layers of the Doy-pack) for fixing the shoulder belt.  

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Drill a 5.5mm diameter hole in plastic pour spout caps.

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We insert a silicone tube into the lid and fix (seal) it in the lid with a plastic fitting.

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We attach two snap hook to the Doy-pack. The tank is ready.


Bracelet assembly:

In binder clip size - 19mm(0.75 inch), drill a 5.5mm diameter hole in the center.


With the help of an engraver and a milling cutter, in the center of the bracelet on the side center we do a 4x10mm through slot.


We do a similar through slot on the opposite side of the bracelet.


Push the silicone tube through the first side slot in the bracelet. Push the silicone tube through the hole in the binder clip.

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Insert into the binder clip printed on the 3d printer - bracelet insert

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Then we pass the silicone tube through the second through slot in the bracelet.

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Set up the bracelet insert in the bracelet. Install the clamp handle with a soft silicone tube worn on it.
Bracelet ready.

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About us:

Our team consists of employees of Moscow Institute of Transport "MosTransProject" and LLC "3D-INTECH". We are jointly developing a new device for transport infrastructure workers. This device allows you to quickly and conveniently disinfect your hands to protect against bacteria and viruses,including COVID-19. We are doing our best to make the final version of the device available in the near future. Given the high relevance of hand disinfection today, we want to share our experience. Our experience will allow you to create a working device on your own. We hope that this device will help you protect yourself and your loved ones from COVID-19 infection

You can help develop our project


«3D-INTECH» -  3d-in.tech
Molodogvardeyskaya 59/4, Kuntsevo, Moscow 
«MosTransProekt» - mgtniip.ru
Potapovskiy Pereulok 3/1, Moscow

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